What we offer


Teamwork and partnership. We write, we sing, we perform. We are up for any projects that convey positive message for Indonesia. 

We love indonesia.


We are a group of people who call Indonesia home, whether living overseas or in Nusantara.



Educated, inspired, and empowered Indonesians who stand for human rights and unity of Indonesia.



Here we have various activities or mini projects in KeongMas. Look around and see anything that might pique your interest!

Our Journey to  Peace

"Great group of people to be around with! Perfect venue to develop my talents for something positive."  -- Ipol

"Tons of opportunities to learn and contribute." -- Jo

"I love the concept that we can work together for the greater good wherever we are. This is truly a unique platform to make a difference." -- Alex


What Our Members say about us

Hello, we are keongMas!

A United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a heart for Indonesia.


Incorporated in Kansas, USA and recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization since 2010.  We are passionate in building an educated, inspired, and empowered community that provide public sensitization on human rights and unity issues in Indonesia and being the advocate of Indonesian culture heritage and identity.